Fishing in Ellensburg, Washington

Fishing in Ellensburg, Washington
Ellensburg is in central Washington near Snoqualmie National Forest and about a 90-minute drive from Seattle. There are a variety of recreational opportunities, such as hiking and camping, in the surrounding area. There also are national and state parks, as well as lakes and streams within driving distance of town.


Anglers need a state license for freshwater fishing in Washington. A single hook is required, except in the case of those floating in the water on a boat or other flotation device. In that case, two hooks are allowed. Fishing season varies. Lakes are open year-round, while running waters such as rivers are open June through October. There are size limits and restrictions on the number of fish that can be kept for each species.


Rivers and streams in the Ellensburg area offer an abundance of trout fishing. The Yakima River, which flows through the area, is well known for trout fishing. Fly-fishing is popular, and there are guides nearby if needed. Trout are most active in the warmer months and salmon are more prevalent in the spring. Bull trout cannot be kept. Anglers can keep up to six salmon, but only two can be adults.


The main fishing area is the Yakima River. There are parks in town, such as Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park and West Ellensburg Park, that offer access to the river as well as several state parks within a short drive. The Ginkgo Petrified Forest/Wanapum Recreational Area provides access to the Columbia River.

Article Written By Keith Dooley

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