Different Camping Tents

Different Camping Tents
Camping tents come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights for different uses. Consider what type of trips you will use your tent on (e.g., hiking, backpacking, recreational camping) , the season you will be using your tent and how many people your tent will need to fit.

Winter Tents

Winter tents, also known as four-season tents, are made to provide shelter in winter conditions. Winter tents often have stronger poles and material to withstand the wind and snow. Winter tents also have roofs that are slanted to prevent accumulation of snow. Winter tents are typically heavier because of thicker material used to retain warmth.

Backpacking Tents

Backpacking tents are typically lighter, as weight is a common concern for backpackers. These tents can weigh about five pounds for a tent that can fit two people and others are single-wall tents or simply tarps to protect from the rain. Backpacking tents may not stand up to strong winds or snow.

Car Camping Tents

Car camping tents may be a good option to stay in while you are camping at a site near your car. These tents usually are larger to fit more people and can be less expensive. Car camping tents may have multiple rooms, areas large enough to fit an entire table and vestibules for you to leave your shoes outside. These tents are often heavier, because weight is not an issue. Car camping tents also do not provide enough support and protection for extreme wind or winter weather conditions with snow.

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