Exercises to Loosen the Lower Back

Exercises to Loosen the Lower Back
You may know from experience that a tight lower back can ruin a good hike or sideline you from your favorite sport. Prevention is key: To support your lower back, strengthen your core muscles. Plan an exercise and stretching routine to keep your lower back loose and flexible.


Yoga routines increase flexibility and teach your muscles to work together. Yoga can help correct an imbalance in core muscle strength that leads to lower back pain. Practice yoga several times per week either in your home or in a class. If you're a beginner, work with a professional instructor until you master the basic poses.


Weightlifting will strengthen and loosen the lower back. Use light weight to begin, gradually increasing the load as your back gains strength and flexibility. Do exercises like dead lifts, hyperextensions and lying back presses. If you are new to lifting, consider hiring a personal trainer to learn proper technique. Lifting weights with bad form can increase the tightness in your back and put you at risk for injury. Lift weights several times a week to consistently work your lower back muscles.

Back Stretching Exercises

Use back exercises in a warm-up routine for more intense workouts. BigBackPain.com recommends doing pelvic tilts, basic twists, the cat, the cobra and knee to chest stretches before performing any other exercises. These basic stretches will help keep your back loose and prevent pain while exercising.

Back Strengthening Exercises

Practice back strengthening exercises to gradually increase the strength and decrease the stiffness in your lower back. Lie flat on your stomach with your arms out straight in front of you. Without using your hands, lift your torso and legs off the ground to strengthen the lower back. Also practice forward bends, side twists and windmills, cable rotations, pelvic tilts and planks to increase strength.

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