What Are the Most Comfortable Triathlon Bikes?

What Are the Most Comfortable Triathlon Bikes?
Triathlons are contested over a variety of distances, with bike segments of varying lengths. Depending on the race, some of these can be lengthy, with the ultimate example being the bike leg of an Ironman distance triathlon at 112 miles. It's important for racers who will be on the bike for extended periods to be relaxed, which requires a comfortable, good-fitting bike.

Cervelo P2C

Cervelo's P2C is a perennial favorite of triathletes, from top pros to middle-of-the-pack athletes. It's an aerodynamically slippery bike that cuts through the wind with ease for fast splits, and it's strong and light. The P2C sports a carbon frame for a smooth ride and offers a variety of fit positions, depending on the athlete. It can be adjusted for an optimal fit, whether the racer needs an aggressive riding position for speed or a more relaxed position for the long haul.

Cervelo Bikes

Quintana Roo Caliente

Quintana Roo invented the modern triathlon bike in the late 1980s by modifying the geometry of conventional road bikes to make it easier for athletes to get off the bike and run at the end of the leg. The Caliente continues the tradition of QR with a bike that delivers performance without beating up the rider. The Caliente's frame is all carbon, complemented by a carbon seatpost and front fork that soak up vibrations from the road for a smooth ride. There's adjustability in the frame for a good fit for most athletes, and the front reach of the stem and bars is compact enough to ensure a comfortable riding position.

Quintana Roo Bikes

Felt B12

Not all carbon is created equal. The High Modulus carbon frame of the Felt B12 soaks up vibrations for a plush ride, but is stiff enough so power transfers readily from the athlete's legs to the bike. The geometry of the bike is adaptable to the needs of the athlete no matter the discipline, with a dual postion seatpost that allows a wide range of saddle adjustments, whether you're time-trialing or competing in a long-course event.

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