Parks in Havana, Cuba

Parks in Havana, Cuba
Parks in Havana, Cuba, are popular public spaces that commemorate the island nation's long history. Parks of all sizes in Havana serve different purposes. Small neighborhood parks are the frequent evening gathering points for the public. Larger parks can hold large amounts of people and are used for political rallies and national holidays. In addition, the larger and more prominent parks in Havana commonly honor national heroes or events with memorials and sculptures crafted by Cuba's greatest artists.

Central Park

Havana's Central Park, or Parque Central, is on the western end of Old Havana, or La Habana Vieja. The thoroughfare marking the western boundary is Paseo de Marti which is where Havana's Capitol building and Gran Teatro de la Habana are located. The eastern edge of the park holds the museum Palacio del Centro Asturiano. Choice hotels also flank the eastern edge of Central Park, including Hotel Telegrafo and the Hotel Inglaterra. In general, Central Park is a popular gathering spot for locals to discuss the national sport, baseball. Near Central Park is the Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of the Revolution, which houses Cuba's history and commemorate the efforts of country's current government.

Francisco Albear Park

Francisco Albear Park commemorates Francisco de Albear y Lara and memorializes the first aqueduct in Havana. Albear is the military engineer responsible for designing the first aqueduct that brought water into Havana. A marble statue of Albear crafted in 1893 by Jose Villalta de Saavedra currently stands in the middle of the park.

Fraternity Park

Havana's Fraternity Park also commemorates Cuba's history. The park is built on former 18th-century military training grounds called the Fields of Mars. A public space, Fraternity Park is now open to the public and is adorned with busts of historically significant figures.

Lenin Park

Lenin Park is a massive public park and man-made forest located away from the busy city center. Lenin Park is also a popular gathering place because visitors and families can pursue a number of outdoor activities and recreation. Lenin Park contains an amusement park, swimming pools and a number of eateries. In addition, the park has an outdoor theater and horseback riding and tours. It also has a lake to accommodate water sports and trails for bicycles and running.

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