Bike Games for Kids

Bike Games for Kids
Bike games are an effective way to introduce your child to bicycling or to add fun to bike rides. Bike games are not only fun for kids, but they also can improve your child's confidence and bicycle skills. In addition, you can use these games as an opportunity to remind your kids about safety habits, such as wearing a bike helmet or using hand signals.

Stay in Line

Use chalk to draw a line on the street that is the width of your child's bike tires. Challenge your child to stay on the line with both wheels. You can add several cans or baskets midway to act as a tollbooth, where your child can drop coins and pay a toll. You can play on a tricycle as well.

Slow Motion

Designate a racetrack for your children. You can use chalk to draw lines or objects, such as cans or traffic cones, to mark the boundary of the race. Have the children line up at the starting line of the track. Challenge your kids to slowly race to the finish line without taking their feet off the bike pedals. Designate the last child to the finish line the winner. This game helps kids improve balance and coordination.

Leap Frog

Designate one child as the leader for the bicycle ride. While riding, every kid follows the leader in a single line, except for the rider in last place. The last rider tries to overtake the first rider and become leader of the line. As the rider in last place moves to the front of the line, he becomes the new leader and the last-place rider begins to try to overtake the first-place rider.

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