Bicycle Company Names

Bicycle Company Names
Bicycles are categorized by function. The most common types of bicycles include utility bicycles, which are designed for running errands; mountain bicycles, which are designed for off-road travel; racing bicycles, which are designed for speed; touring bicycles, which are designed for long distances; BMX bicycles, which are designed for stunts; and cruisers, which are designed for comfort with heavy framed balloon tires. Bicycle companies offer variations in standard bicycle types by custom designing gearing, framing and construction.

Schwinn Bicycle Company

Founded by Ignaz Schwinn in 1895, the Schwinn Bicycle Company offers full-on rocket ships, rugged commuters, classic and lifestyle cruisers, mountain bikes, BMX bikes and pint-size sidewalk bikes. Fitness bikes are also available including bikes with a lightweight aluminum frame. Electric bikes, including the exclusive "Plug 'n Drive" hybrid model, allow you to enjoy 40 miles of power-assisted pedaling with each four-hour charge. Schwinn Bicycle Company also offers bike trailers and jogging strollers.

Schwinn Bicycle Company
c/o Customer Service
4902 Hammersley Road
Madison, WI 53711

Phat Cycles

Phat Cycles offers beach cruisers, comfort bikes and stretch bicycles. The Phattitude series includes the Phixie, a chrome fitted bike with alloy wheels and custom design track fork; the Stretch, a stretched cruiser with alloy DMX style pedals and chrome plated chainwheel; and the XR-3 AL, an 18-inch (tire size) three-speed cruiser with custom comfort alloy pedals and stainless steel spokes. The company offers technical support to buyers and dealers.

Phat Cycles
5331 Production Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Kona Bicycle Company

Kona was founded in 1988 by Jacob Heilbron and specializes in high-performance mountain bikes and racing and touring bicycles. Kona is known for the Hawaiian and volcanic names it uses to name its bicycles. Cinder, Lava Dome and Kilauea are classic models offered by the company. Kona's cross-country trail bikes offer hydraulic brakes for better stopping power, hydroformed tubing (a single metal fiber structure) for higher performance and comfort-designed seating. Buyers and dealers can also purchase bike gear and clothing.

Kona USA
2455 Salashan
Ferndale, WA 98248

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