ATV Trails in Idaho

ATV Trails in Idaho
Idaho is a state with a lot of natural beauty--from untouched forests to the glory of the Rocky Mountains. For many visitors, there is no better way to enjoy the wilderness and scenery than by hitting the ATV trails that snake throughout the state. Independent trails can be found in virtually any section of Idaho. As in any other state, you will want to talk with local park officials to find out about any rules or regulations involving ATV use on and off the trails.

The Canfield Mountain Trail System

The Canfield Mountain Trail System is located in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, and is lauded for its views of the forest as well as nearby lakes. This system has over 30 miles of ATV trails to explore, and the elevation varies from around 2200 feet above sea level all the way up to 4200 feet above sea level. There are some side trails that are rated at the expert level, and have very steep rocky sections, but most of the trail is fine for amateurs.

Saint Anthony Sand Dunes

Saint Anthony Sand Dunes are located in eastern Idaho over an 11,000 acre area full of white quartz dunes that range from a mere 10 feet high, to an incredible 300 feet high. Egin Lakes are close by, though they tend to dry up after June. The heat in the area during July and August might be a little much for ATV drivers who are sensitive to heat. The Saint Anthony Sand Dunes covers such a large areas that there are actually three different parks and resorts that border different sections of the dunes, including Sand Hills Resort, the Desert Oasis RV Park and campgrounds in the BLM Upper Snake River District.

Independence Creek Trail System

The Independence Creek Trail System has over 20 miles of trails that cut through Coeur d'Alene National Forest. There are two major lakes in the area, and this trail system is well known for having multiple shallow creek crossings. The elevation can vary greatly--from 2,900 feet above sea level all the way up to 5,000 feet above sea level. This area is popular with ATV enthusiasts because there is no place for RV or trailer parking, making this trail a little less crowded than others.

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