Lakes in Texas With Smallmouth Bass

Lakes in Texas With Smallmouth Bass
Texas has the reputation for being one of the premier freshwater and saltwater fishing destinations in the United States. Smallmouth bass anglers will not have a problem finding an area to fish. Smallmouth bass, also known as brown and bronze bass, prefer large lakes greater than 100 acres and at least 30 feet deep, where the waters are mainly clear with gravel substrate.

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is located 16 miles northwest of New Braunfel on the Guadalupe River. The lake consists of 8,308 acres with a maximum depth of 125 feet. Sunken timber, rock ledges and rock piles make up the lake. The clarity of the water is slightly stained to clear, and anglers will find the best catches of smallmouth bass in summer and early fall around main lake points and humps. In spring, the fish congregate by the river area of the lake. The bass mainly inhabit the lower one-third of Canyon Lake. Anglers will find best catches using jigging spoons, small jigs, small crankbaits and small in-line spinners. Largemouth bass, crappie, channel, blue and flathead catfish also reside in the lake.

Belton Lake

Belton Lake is located in central Texas, five miles northwest of Belton on the Leon River. The lake, managed by the Army Corps of Engineers, consists of 12,385 acres with a maximum depth of 124 feet and moderate clarity. Belton Lake's shoreline is steep, rocky with mud flats. The smallmouth bass congregate from the dam section of the lake to Cedar Creek, located at the mid portion of the lake. Anglers will have best luck fishing in early spring and late fall around the lake's rocky points and coves. The preferred bait is crawfish-colored crankbaits, grubs, buzzbaits and small jigs. Anglers will find largemouth, white and striped bass inhabiting the lake, as well as channel and flathead catfish and sunfish.

Lake Bridgeport

Located in north-central Texas in both Jack and Wise counties, Lake Bridgeport encompasses 11,954 acres with a maximum depth of 85 feet and clarity of moderately clear. The lake's 170 miles of shoreline are made up of boulders, coves, submerged gravel piles and vegetation, making it a prime habitat for bass. Anglers will catch smallmouth bass year-round, with best catches in spring and fall. Best bait is Carolina- or Texas-rigged worms, 6-inch lizards, crankbaits, spinner baits and jigs. Species such as largemouth, white and striped (palmetto) bass, as well as channel catfish, crappie and sunfish also inhabit the waters.

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