Emergency Survival Gear Packing List

Emergency Survival Gear Packing ListSearch and rescue gear can save your life if an accident occurs while you are hiking, camping or fishing. From tools to help you save your own life in an emergency situation to devices that attract the attention of passing cars and airplanes, search and rescue gear and emergency kits are available at outdoor equipment and supply stores as well as online. Make sure all gear is working properly before heading out on your next outdoor adventure.

Signaling Gear

glow stick

Signaling devices include mirror reflectors, battery powered signaling devices, whistles, pyrotechnics (i.e. flares) and chemical light sticks or "snap lights" as they are also known. Ideal for hiking, backcountry camping and deep sea fishing, flares and chemical light sticks attract search and rescue teams during low visibility using combustible materials to create a large burst of light.

Whistles and battery-operated signaling devices use distress signals to attract search and rescue teams. The sound of a whistle travels 0.5 to 2 miles with increased distance for remote and wilderness locations. The human voice, on the other hand, can only travel for a few hundred yards at best; some environments can significantly reduce this number.

Mirror reflectors offer the easiest way to catch the attention of a passing plane, car or person, especially when stranded on a boat, life raft or fallen aircraft.

Navigational Gear


Hand-held navigational computers provide specific location information and offer navigational guides for finding one's way back to a campground or trail, for example. A hiker can use a hiking map, compass, global positioning system (GPS) or altimeter (a device used to track altitude levels) to avoid becoming lost and/or to check if he is traveling in the right direction or to a specific location. GPS devices offer a convenient way to track travel distances, obtain maps of large geographical areas and find directions from one point to another.

First Aid Kits

Emergency Survival Gear Packing List

First aid kits and emergency supplies are essential items to take when going hiking, fishing or camping. A comprehensive kit will contain burn care, CPR and AED products, eye care, antiseptics, pain relief products and protective equipment such as gloves, head and body wraps and respirators. First aid kits are available with disaster and survival gear including emergency food and emergency water, storage products and radios.

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