The Best Hooks to Use for Snapper

The Best Hooks to Use for Snapper
Choosing the best hook to use when fishing for snapper is important for several reasons. First, the hook must be strong enough to hold against the snapper's mighty jaws, which can easily bite into mussel and oyster shells. Second, the hook must be able to accommodate the large bait necessary to attract snapper. Finally, you want a hook that is right for the size snapper you are trying to catch.

Small Snapper

When fishing for smaller snapper, use Beak or Suicide hooks that range from 1/0 to 4/0. There will be variations, depending on the bait that is used, but the light weight of the fish still makes it an appropriate choice. A smaller hook is also ideal for skittish snapper that may become fearful of a larger line and bait.

Medium to Large Snappers

The 6/0 silver Beak or Suicide is slightly in-turned, resists bending and can withstand the weight of a snapper's strong jaws. Use a flat file to sharpen the hook when angling for medium to large snapper. The in-turned point along with the pattern of the hook makes fishing for medium-size snapper easier than with other hooks.

Large Snapper

An 8/0 hook is an appropriate choice when angling for snapper with a whole flathead for bait. Add a more durable line if you think the line may snap under the weight of a large snapper, which generally is considered a fish between 22 and 33 pounds. Sharpen the hook's point, but be careful not to sharpen the hook so sharply it cuts through the snapper's jaw as it resists being pulled from the water. Large snapper can escape from the hook if its weight causes the hook to pull out, which is common when deep-sea fishing and the snapper must travel a long distance with the hook in its mouth.

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