Chamberlain, South Dakota Fishing

Chamberlain, South Dakota Fishing
Chamberlain, South Dakota, is on the edge of Missouri River in the southeast-central part of the state. Sioux Falls is two and a half hours to the east. Anglers fish the river and lakes for walleye, bass, catfish and northern pike. Other nearby attractions include the South Dakota Hall of Fame and the Fort Pierre National Grassland.

Water Access

The Missouri River is on the western side of Chamberlain with parks and other areas that allow fishermen to get near the banks or put into water. Lake Sharpe is on the Missouri River to the northwest of town and is maintained for recreational purposes such as camping, boating and fishing. Other access points include the Chamberlain Recreation Area and American Creek Recreation Area.


The predominant fish in the lake area is walleye, but anglers also catch smallmouth and white bass, sauger, catfish and northern pike. Spring is a better time for catching walleye because a stable food source is not as abundant. The warmer it becomes, the harder it will be to catch them. Bass and trout fishing are popular on the river. Bass are best caught during the late spring spawning period, and trout are usually found just below the dam.


A fishing license is required in South Dakota and a trout stamp is an extra requirement. You must have your license when fishing. If you fish in tribal waters, an extra tribal fishing license must be purchased unless you are in a boat on the Missouri River and do not plan to come ashore on any tribal lands. Most fish species have a limit. For example, only four walleye can be kept in a day, and five is the limit for bass or trout.

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