The Best Tent Camping Spot in Northeastern Washington

The Best Tent Camping Spot in Northeastern Washington
The astern half of Washington state presents far different terrain and challenges than the more famous Pacific coastal territory of the state's western region. The most famous feature of Northeastern Washington is the Grand Coulee Dam, which supplies power to much of the state. It is the largest power-producing plant in the country. In addition to this massive tribute to human engineering, northeastern Washington features a natural beauty that makes it well-suited to camping.

Riverside State Park

Riverside is a 10,000-acre park that includes the Nine Mile Recreation Area. The second-largest park in the state, Riverside features two campsites. With varied and beautiful terrain and a number of recreational opportunities, such as ATV riding and kayaking, Riverside is one of the best camping opportunities in the region. Camping reservations can be made at (888) 226-7688.


Mount Spokane State Park

An immense park surrounding the nearly 6,000-foot Mount Spokane, this state park is great for those who are willing to go a little rugged. Mount Spokane, famous for its massive bald spot, receives nearly 300 inches of snow a year, making it a challenging and potentially dangerous spot for year-round hikers. With roads often impassable, the full potential of the park is only available to the intrepid backwoods backpacker.

Conconully State Park

This park is perfect for those interested in water recreation. Alongside the Conconully Reservoir, this state park is not particularly rugged, but features 83 tent camping spots to accommodate plenty of visitors. Try your hand at swimming, kayaking and fishing, then drop in to the small town for dinner. It may not be the most rugged, but it's perfect for those looking for a relaxing weekend of tent camping.

Conconully State Park
119 W Broadway Ave, Conconully, Washington
(509) 826-7408


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