Attractions in Huatulco, Mexico

Attractions in Huatulco, Mexico
Travelers who enjoy warm weather may want to consider a trip to Huatulco, Mexico, where the sun shines 330 days per year on average. Specifically created for tourists, the development of Huatulco, in the state of Oaxaca, centers on natural attractions, making it a tropical paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore secluded beaches, visit local coffee plantations and enjoy the nightlife. You're sure to find something you enjoy in Huatulco.

San Agustin Bay

Though access to San Agustin Bay is limited to unpaved road or boat, visitors should find it worth the extra effort of getting there when greeted with 10 secluded miles of white-sand beaches with crystal clear, blue water. Turtles, dolphins and birds are common sites in the bay. The bufadero, a water spout that shoots into the air due to the surf pounding through a hole in the rock, is a sight not commonly seen elsewhere. Snorkeling has become a popular activity in the bay, where you'll find shallow coral reefs just offshore.

Sightseeing Tour

For a change of pace, consider taking a sightseeing tour of Huatulco. You'll receive a guided tour through the La Crucesita area, home to an array of restaurants, art galleries and handicraft stores. A local church, a stop on your tour, houses the largest Virgin of Guadalupe painting. (The church is also known for its architecture.) Tours will also visit two beaches---Chahue and La Entreaga. While on the tour, you can purchase items such as alebrije, a type of wooden figure local to the area and mescal, a regional liquor. Look for transportation to the tour sites in your hotel lobby.

Best Day

Bahias de Huatuclo National Park

Bahias de Huatuclo National Park protects 29,300 acres of land in the small town of Santa Maria Huatulco. The park is home to 9,000 species of plants in addition to numerous animal species such as armadillos and white-tailed deer. Reptiles abound here, with more than 470 species including black iguanas, snakes and salamanders. Stroll along the beaches for a chance to view dolphins, turtles and whales. You're sure to enjoy your time hiking through one Mexico's largest ecosystems.

Bahias de Huatuclo National Park
Santa Maria Huatulco, Mexico

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