The Best Big Bass Lures

The Best Big Bass Lures
Catching that trophy-size largemouth bass is what keeps many anglers coming back for more. Hooking a big bass is a thrill that is not easily rivaled by many other freshwater game fish species. To catch the big one you will need to use the right bait. However, the right bait is a broad term that may change several times during the day.


Cranks are hard-body baits designed to imitate baitfish. Made from plastic, wood or other materials, cranks are typically painted to more closely resemble various small fish. Cranks may be used with casting or spinning equipment, but many anglers prefer to fish cranks with bait-cast reels as they feel the control is more precise. Crank baits often feature a lip designed to make the bait dive down to a predetermined level. The crank is retrieved through the water, and based on the method of retrieval, may imitate a darting or wounded baitfish.

Soft Plastics

There are many different soft plastic baits on the market. There is a soft plastic bait to imitate just about anything a largemouth bass would find to eat in the water, including large worms, crayfish, toads and millipedes. Rigging soft plastic baits can be done in a number of ways, but two of the most popular methods are the Texas and Carolina rigs. has detailed instructions on tying these rigs. Soft plastics may be fished with or without weight, allowed to sit motionless, jigged, fast retrieved or walked side to side. These versatile baits are often fished with both spinning and bait-casting gear.

Spinner Baits

Spinner baits are perhaps the most versatile of all lures used to catch big bass. These lures can be fished with spinning or casting equipment and are capable of catching fish year-round. Spinner baits typically feature a V-shaped wire with a spinner blade and clevis on one side and a dressed hook on the other. The fishing line is connected in the middle. Spinner baits can be fished with a fast or slow retrieve and either shallow or deep. Spinners baits can be jigged along the bottom or worked along structure. One productive tactic is to cast a spinner bait onto rocks or other structure and allow it to plop into the water to simulate a toad or small animal falling in.

Article Written By Keith Dooley

Keith Dooley has a degree in outdoor education and sports management. He has worked as an assistant athletic director, head coach and assistant coach in various sports including football, softball and golf. Dooley has worked for various websites in the past, contributing instructional articles on a wide variety of topics.

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