Fishing in Williams, Minnesota

Fishing in Williams, Minnesota
Williams is located in the northern part of Minnesota about 20 miles from the Canadian border. It is just south of Lake of the Woods and just north of the Chippewa National Forest. With such a large lake nearby, you will have no trouble finding a place to fish. There are several guides in the area if you didn't bring equipment or aren't familiar with the lake.

Lake of the Woods Layout

The lake is divided by the Canadian border in two places. A portion of the western edge is in Canadian waters, as is a larger portion of the eastern side. The majority of the western half of the lake is located within Minnesota, including Northwest Angle and the mouth of the Rainy River. Several islands on Lake of the Woods are located on the Canadian side and includes a Canadian national park.

Lake of the Woods Fish

The abundance of fish species varies according to the areas of the lake. Muskie and walleye are in great numbers around the Northwest Angle. Walleye and northern pike are popular along the southern edge. During the winter months, anglers go ice fishing, with ice shacks set up on the lake to keep away the elements. The south shore is best for this time of year and brings out sauger as well. Smallmouth bass and crappie can be found throughout the lake but in smaller numbers than the other species.

Lake of the Woods Regulations

You must have a Minnesota fishing license with you while fishing the state waters of the lake. Only three northern pike can be in your possession during a fishing day and only one can be over 40 inches. All other pike between 30 and 40 inches must be returned to the water. If fish came from the Canadian waters, you must produce proof, such as a hotel receipt, showing that you are staying in Canada. One line per fisherman is allowed during regular season, and two lines are allowed during ice fishing. Walleye are catch and release only during certain times of the year on the Rainy River, which connects with the lake on the south side.

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