Children's Activities in D.C

Children's Activities in D.C
Washington, D.C., is a family-friendly vacation spot. As the capital city of the United States, Washington offers plenty of entertaining activities for children---and they might learn something at the same time. It's easy to explore the city's rich history on foot. If your destination is too far for the kids to walk, however, the city's Metro system is easy to navigate. One of the bonuses of a trip to Washington: Many of the top attractions are free.

National Zoo

Get a closeup look at more than 400 animal species at the National Zoo. Founded in 1889, the zoo is one of Washington's most popular destinations for kids or adults. The menagerie includes elephants, lions, crocodiles, cheetahs, sea lions and, of course, the zoo's famous giant pandas. The Kids' Farm exhibit features a hands-on exhibit with cows, donkeys, hogs and a garden where kids can gain a better understanding of farming culture and learn about where food comes from.

National Zoo
3001 Connecticut Ave.
Washington, DC

Rock Creek Park

Take a hike in Washington's Rock Creek Park, and you might forget you're in one of the world's busiest cities. The park dates to 1890 and is one of the oldest parks in the National Park System. Stretching about nine miles long by one mile wide, the park is home to animals such as raccoons, coyotes and deer. The park's Nature Center has several exhibits for kids, including The Discovery Room (for kids 2 to 5) and Discover Rock Creek Park (for those 10 and up). In the summer, kids can attend Junior Ranger Camps to learn more about the outdoors. Rock Creek Park also has a planetarium, animal programs, kids' hikes and other family-friendly activities.

Rock Creek Park
5200 Glover Road NW
Washington, DC 20015

National Air & Space Museum at the Mall

The Smithsonian can keep a visitor occupied for days, but the National Air & Space Museum is a perennial kids' favorite. Explore the history of flight, from the Wright Brothers' original plane to the Apollo 11 command module. The museum's Discovery Stations are a fun way for kids to learn more about aviation and space exploration in an interactive setting. An IMAX theater and planetarium educate while also entertain. Admission to the museum is free, but there is a charge for the IMAX and Albert Einstein Planetarium. Some popular exhibits might also require tickets.

National Air & Space Museum at the Mall
6th & Independence Ave. S.W.
Washington, DC 20560

The National Mall

Explore many of Washington's iconic monuments with a walk along the National Mall. The Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and dozens of other iconic sites comprise the scenic landscape at the heart of the U.S. capital. When it's time for a break, younger children can take a ride on the carousel outside the Arts and Industries Building of the Smithsonian, while older kids can play a game of Frisbee on the Mall.

National Mall

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