Fishing in Craig, Alaska

Fishing in Craig, Alaska
Craig, Alaska, is located on the southeastern tip of the state, surrounded by parts of Glacier Bay Park and Wilderness. The town is on Prince of Wales Island, and the only access is by seaplane or boat. The island's waterways make their way out to the Gulf of Alaska. Several fishing charter services are located on the island to help you with your excursion.

Klawock Lake

Klawock Lake is located northeast of Craig, Alaska. The waters offer salmon and steelhead fishing and can be accessed by small boat, kayak or canoe. The Prince of Wales hatchery is located on the lake and offers tours for visitors. It releases fish such as cohos into the waters of the lake and contributing creek on occasion to help keep the fish population healthy.

Saltwater around Prince of Wales

There are several charter companies in the area that will assist you in getting out on the water if you don't have a boat of your own. Fish in the these waters include ling and rock cod, halibut, snapper and all five varieties of salmon. Halibut and cod are found throughout the spring, summer and fall, while trout and salmon both have a shorter season.


There are many freshwater streams that work their way across the island. Within these waters you can fish for rainbow and cutthroat trout, coho, pink, sockeye and dolly varden. Both fly fishing and spinner fishing is popular on these waters. The size of the catch can sometimes be large, so make sure you bring a durable rod if you are supplying your own equipment. Trout are best caught in early spring, while salmon are caught through the summer.

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