Ways to Thread an Earthworm for Fishing

Ways to Thread an Earthworm for FishingEarthworms are one of the best live baits you can use for fishing. Readily available at most bait shops, sporting goods stores, pet stores and in the wild, they are hardy and attractive to many fish. Easy to keep and cheap, once threaded they work effectively and consistently.

In and Out

An in-and-out thread is a simple and effective way to bait your line. Stick the hook into the worm a quarter of the way down its body and pull it through to the end of its body. Pull the worm down so the end of the hook touches the worm. The top end of the worm will dangle off the line, drawing attention, while the majority of the worm is full of hook for the catch.


Full Thread

Stick the hook in the top of the worm and draw it slowly through the entire worm. Try to keep the hook from slicing through the sides of the worm as it may then slip off the hook. Don't pull the worm too far past the hook or you will get bites on your line, not your hook.

S Curve

Insert your hook one-third down your worm and stab through to the other side. Thread the worm through the hook and pierce halfway down the worm. Make sure your worm bends in toward the hook. Otherwise, the fish will steal your bait. Finally, pierce near the base and leave the end of the hook in the end of the worm. Ensure that your worm slides along the bottom of your hook, drawing the fish to hit on the hook.

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