Ice Traction Accessories for Shoes

Ice Traction Accessories for Shoes
Traveling across ice and snow is a dangerous activity that should not be attempted unless you have the proper ice traction accessories. Traction devices are designed to dig into the ice and help you maintain stability and comfort when walking, hiking or climbing. Before you head out to your next outdoor excursion, purchase a pair of ice traction devices. With pocket-size varieties available, you can carry them in your hiking bag, if you don't have room in a larger bag, and pull them out whenever you encounter a patch of ice.

Snow Cleats

Shoe cleats offer an economical way to obtain universal traction against snow, sleet and rough terrain. The device easily and quickly attaches to boots, gym shoes and other footwear with a nylon strap. A quick-release buckle makes removing the cleats easy. Show cleats are safe to wear when climbing or hiking and are safe for children, too. The device is not cumbersome and does not cause accidental tripping.

Non-Slip Straps

Non-slip straps are easy to wear and remove. A rubber bottom features small spikes that dig into snow and ice without causing discomfort or instability. A nylon or Velcro strap secures the device to the front of your heel and fits all types of footwear, including bulky hiking boots. Ideal for outdoor excursions that include hiking, climbing and walking, non-slip straps are small enough to carry in a coat pocket, travel bag or waist pack.

Ice Traction Slip Ons

Ice traction slip-ons are ideal for walking on packed snow and ice. The device can be worn over all types of footwear, including boots and sneakers. Slip-ons are designed for easy wear and removal. An anti-rust protectorate and smooth cover prevents damage to coils and protects your footwear from scratches and pinching. Every step provides complete traction on ice and snow via a thermal rubber grip that covers the whole of the shoe. Coils provide forward, backward and side-to-side stability.

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