Where to Find Old Town Otter Kayaks

Where to Find Old Town Otter Kayaks
The Otter kayak by Old Town is a small, affordable recreational kayak. The standard Otter is suitable for peaceful days paddling around lake coves and meandering rivers. The XT version adds adjustable foot braces for greater control, allowing the kayak to be paddled in up to class II whitewater. For those curious about whitewater paddling but not ready to spend the money for a whitewater kayak, this can give you a taste of the sport without breaking the bank. There is also a tandem version of the Otter, which appeals to couples or parents of young children. Old Town is a major national manufacturer of canoes and kayaks, and several national sporting and outdoor chains carry its products.


REI is a national outdoor gear cooperative, which also operates a large online store. It carries several brands of canoes and kayaks, with a large selection of Old Town models, including all versions of the Otter. When shopping at REI, you have the option of becoming a member of the cooperative, which gives you a percentage of your purchases back each year.

L.L. Bean

Another national store chain, L.L. Bean keeps its focus on clothing, but it also carries a selection of outdoor gear, including Otter kayaks and other recreational and touring kayaks. Like REI, L.L. Bean offers selections online as well, so if there is not a store in your area, your kayak can be shipped to your home. If you are new to the sport, L.L. Bean offers complete gear packages.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's is a national chain of all-around sporting goods stores, with gear for team and individual sports as well as outdoor recreation. It offers a small selection of recreational paddling equipment, including Otter kayaks. Dick's also has an online presence and offers shipping to your home if there is no store in your area.

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