Fishing Near Alderman Lake, Washington

Fishing Near Alderman Lake, Washington
Alderman Lake is located on the east side of the state, southwest of Spokane. It is not considered a lake, but is actually a large wet area that sometimes fills with water during the rainier seasons. Other larger lakes are nearby, such as Clear Lake and Silver Lake, providing you with fishing opportunities while visiting the area. Hiking and camping are located at places like Riverside State Park and Mt. Spokane State Park.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is northeast of Alderman and about 375 acres in size. The deepest part of the lake is on the northern end at about 80 feet. There are several accommodation options nearby if you are visiting the area. Rainbow and brown trout as well as bass are in abundance, and a stocking program is ongoing. Boat access is on the south side of the lake, and small craft and canoes are recommended due to the shallow edges.


Silver Lake

Silver Lake is located northeast of Alderman and is around 180 acres. Depth varies throughout the lake, but there are places where you can troll as well as quiet coves. Some banks drop into shallow water, while others have a deeper drop off for bank fishing. A boat ramp is located at Silver Lake Park, where they also offer boat rentals. Main fish populations include bass and trout.

Medical Lake

Medical Lake is northeast of Alderman and is around 149 acres. Its deepest point is around 55 feet, which is located in the middle of the lake. Prevalent fish in the waters include brown trout and bass. Put in sites are located on the south side so that you can access all areas of the lake. No motor boats are allowed.


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