Bahama Cruises Departing From Galveston, Texas

Bahama Cruises Departing From Galveston, Texas
Travelers living in or near Galveston, Texas, could save themselves time and money by choosing a cruise which leaves from the Port of Galveston instead of the popular Floridian ports. Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival offer cruises that originate in Galveston with stops in the Bahamas. The Royal Caribbean cruise is an international, transatlantic cruise which only departs once per year. The Carnival cruises run more frequently and make a few stops in the Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas

Royal Caribbean offers a 14-night Transatlantic Eastbound Cruise with prices starting from $809.00 for an inside cabin as of March 2010. The cruise departs from Galveston, Texas, and ends its one-way trip in Barcelona, Spain. On the voyage, the ship stops at Nassau, Bahamas, as well as Ponta Delgada, Azores; Malaga, Spain; and Cartagena, Spain, before reaching its final destination of Barcelona. The voyage sails only once per year, with a sailing start date of April 18th in 2010. The ship itself boasts a one-of-a-kind ice-skating rink, a rock climbing wall and a full-size basketball court. Guests can choose to exercise in the fitness center, walk around the Royal Promenade or try in-line skating. The chain restaurants of Johnny Rockets (a 50's style restaurant) and Portofino Italian Restaurant are both represented on the ship. A multitude of bars and dining choices are available. Children can amuse themselves in the Adventure Ocean youth facility. The ship is equipped with the latest technology for conferences and telecommunications and presentations and executive boardrooms are available.

Carnival Conquest

Carnival Cruises offers its Carnival Conquest ship for trips from Galveston, Texas, to the Bahamas. Those looking to plan a trip from Galveston to the Bahamas will find a seven-day Eastern Caribbean Trip from Carnival Cruises with 13-15 voyage dates per year, all of which originate on a Sunday. As of 2010, inner cabin prices start at $489. The seven-day cruise stops at Key West, Florida; Freeport, Bahamas; and Nassau, Bahamas, with three "fun days at sea" before returning back to Galveston. The ship itself is decked out with a cabaret, numerous clubs and lounges, a spa an a casino. Over 60% of the rooms offer ocean views and over 60% of the ocean view rooms offer a private balcony. Guests can spend their days at sea in the pool or on the sun deck. Meal options can be either casual in the Renoir and Monet dining rooms with buffet-style choices or more upscale in the Manhattan-style steakhouse. The ship boasts options to occupy both children and teenagers.

Galveston Cruises

Both and offer information regarding cruises leaving from the departure port of Galveston, TX. Every year new cruises are offered and updated with a range of locations. offers extra information about the Port of Galveston, such as long-term and overnight parking options, airport transfers and cruise schedules.

Article Written By Nicole Carlin

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