What Are the Benefits of Trekking Poles?

What Are the Benefits of Trekking Poles?
Trekking poles have some great health benefits. They add another dimension to a hiking workout. Invest in a pair with an adjustable-length feature to maximize the benefits you can achieve.

Hope for Sore Knees

Trekking poles reduce the amount of weight carried by your legs by approximately 5 kg per step on level ground, an amount that rises to 8 kg on an incline, according to a study by Dr. G. Neureuther in 1981. This reduction is a welcome break for sore knee and ankle joints.

Better Circulation

Trekking poles keep your hands and arms moving throughout your hike. This helps your blood circulate more efficiently through your arms, preventing swollen hands at the end of the day.

Complete Workout

With trekking poles your upper body supports up to 20 percent of your total body weight. This provides a great full body workout in which your abdominals, deltoids, biceps and triceps come into play, as well as the muscles of your feet and legs.

Improved Posture

Trekking poles help to keep your back straight and a slight forward bend in your hips. This is a desirable hiking posture and will prevent sore back muscles.

Better Balance

It is easier to balance when you have four points of contact with the ground. Trekking poles help you maintain balance on slippery or uneven surfaces.

Article Written By Caroline Schley

Based in New York City, Caroline Schley has been writing articles on fitness, social interaction and politics since 2008. Her articles have appeared in "The Tahoe Weekly," "Second Line News" and websites, including Eatthestate.org. Schley graduated from CU Boulder in 2005 with a degree in environmental science.

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