Where Can I Buy a Knife Case?

Where Can I Buy a Knife Case?
Hiking, fishing, hunting and camping are sports that generally require the use of a small pocket knife or large utility knife. To narrow your search for the best knife case, it is important to not only consider the type of knives you wish to carry, but also the type of material and design. Taking these considerations into account will help you choose a retailer that offers a varied selection of cases for different environments.

Online Knife Retailers

Online retailers such as KnifeDepot.com and KnifeArt.com offer a variety of knife cases including padded cases, folding cases, carrying cases with handles and zip-up cases. Heavy duty cases offer protection against damage to outdoor, fishing and hunting knives. Thick foam padding and center dividers also offer protection to knives stored on each side of a case. Additional features include added fleece linings and rust preventative coverings for added blade protection when hiking, fishing or camping in the cold. Knife cases vary by size, color and materials. These and other online knife retailers also offer cases, knife sets and collectible blades. Online retail websites make it easy to compare cases and shop for the best deal.

Camping Stores

Camping stores offer Swiss army knife cases, medium cases and large cases. While the selections at a camping store may not equal the volume of a retail website, most offer cases that fit Swiss Army, Huntsman, Climber and Tinker knives. Basic cases feature a loop for attachment to a belt, which can be worn horizontally or vertically. Camping stores generally stock nylon cases that are several ounces in weight. Basic knife cases may only have simple stitching, but are an effective way to transport a knife while camping.

Fishing Equipment and Supply Stores

Fishing equipment and supply stores offer knife cases specifically designed for fishing and hunting. Simple cases can store several fishing and hunting knives, but may not provide a flap to enclose the knives. Hard knife cases are also available for added protection against damage and scratches. A soft case, unless designed to fold over and close securely, may damage easily when stored in a tackle box.

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