Fishing in Arlene, Michigan

Fishing in Arlene, Michigan
Arlene, Michigan is located in the center of the state's borders and about an hour and a half from Lake Michigan. Being in the area of the Great Lakes, there are several fishing options within driving distance, including lakes and rivers. Arlene is also surrounded by state and national recreational areas such as Manistee National Forest and Traverse City State Forest.

Houghton Lake

Houghton Lake is located east of Arlene, Michigan. It is around 22,000 acres in size and offers a variety of fish such as perch, trout, bass and walleye. Bass and trout are more active in the warm months, while perch are more active in the cooler months. There are several boat ramps around the lake in the warmer months, and ice fishing shacks are allowed to be set up during the winter as long as they are removed by March.

Lake Mitchell

Lake Mitchell is located northwest of Arlene, Michigan and is about 2,500 acres in size. There is one boat ramp on the southeast side of the lake in Lake Mitchell State Park. Several varieties of fish can be found in the lake such as large mouth bass, walleye, northern pike, rainbow trout and perch. There is a small canal that connects Lake Mitchell to the slightly smaller Lake Cadillac. Both lakes maintain similar fishing conditions.

Lake Missaukee

Lake Missaukee is located south of Arlene, Michigan and is about 1,900 acres in size. Missaukee County Park is on the north side of the lake, offering boating access as well as a beach area. Missaukee has been stocked on a regular basis as far back as the early 1980s with Muskegon and walleye. Other fish in the waters includes bass, bluegill and pike. You might find some brook trout in the lake or streams that feed it, but that will require you to have time and patience.

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