Fishing in Cordova, Alaska

Fishing in Cordova, Alaska
Cordove, Alaska, is located in the Chugach National Forest on the south end of the state, overlooking the Gulf of Alaska. The only way into the area is by boat or plane. Planes can land at the Cordova Municipal Airport. There are several fishing opportunities in the area due to the proximity to the gulf, as well as nearby lakes and rivers.

Eyak Lake and Streams

Eyak Lake is located on the western side of Cordova and is fed by several streams flowing off nearby mountains. Salmon and trout are plentiful in the streams. Eyak Lake is mostly 8 feet in depth with deeper channels running through it created by the streams. The lake also provides fishing opportunities for trout and salmon.

Prince William Sound and Orca Inlet

There is a variety of salt water fish to be found in the area around Cordova. The Gulf of Alaska provides a constant source of fishing such as halibut, snapper, cod and salmon. These fish make their way into Prince William Sound and Orca Inlet. From here, charter services can aid you in having a wonderful saltwater experience.

Cape St. Elias

If you can find a charter in the Cordova area to take you, Cape St. Elias is a good location for saltwater fishing. Cordova is about the only location that can reach the area, which sticks out into the Gulf of Alaska. It has very shallow waters but is close to the continental shelf, providing an abundance of fish such as halibut and ling that come for the feeding area the land formation creates.

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