Snowboards for Kids

Snowboards for Kids
The earlier you get your kids involved in snowboarding, the more the sport will become an important part of their lives that could very well develop into a lifelong passion. Whether you think your child is the next Shaun White or you simply want to start taking family vacations to destination resorts, purchasing your child's first snowboard is a great way to develop his interest. The children's snowboard market isn't nearly as large or diverse as the adult market, so picking out a snowboard is relatively straightforward.

Burton Chopper

The Burton Chopper is Burton's entry-level board designed to get children riding with confidence. The board features Easy Rider technology, which includes a very soft flex, no-camber construction and beveled edges to make turning and stopping easier on little beginners. The centered stance and twin-tip design will help your child figure out whether goofy or regular is the most comfortable and natural. The board is available in sizes 90 through 130.

K2 Vandal

A little more performance-oriented than the Burton Chopper, the K2 Vandal is designed for up-and-coming rippers and jibbers. The all-mountain board features K2 Jib Rocker technology, which provides a little extra pop in the park, and Hybritech construction designed to make turns a little smoother and easier on the young ones. The Vandal comes in sizes 132, 137 and 142 and is an excellent choice for progressing youths looking to leave the kiddie park in the past and push their skills to the next level. A wide version of the Vandal is also offered.

Ride Ruckus

The freestyle Ride Ruckus is a versatile board designed to push your child to the next level, whether his heart is in the park or out on the wide-open slopes. The board features a soft flex and thin construction for jibbing prowess and a directional shape for all-out slope assaults. The Ruckus is available in sizes 138 through 148 W (wide). A 145W is also offered.

Roxy Roxy Girl and Inspire

Unlike most other snowboard companies, Roxy is the place where girls' and women's gear is more than just an afterthought; it's the whole lineup. Teach your daughter that she can keep up with (and blow past) the boys with the Roxy Roxy Girl. Designed specifically for girls ages 6 through 12, the all-mountain twin-tip Roxy Girl is a great beginner or progressive board that provides easy turns thanks to a narrow waist width and forgiving flex. The Roxy Girl is available in sizes 108, 118 and 128.

For girls who have outgrown the Roxy Girl, consider the Roxy Inspire, a girls' board influenced by Olympic gold medalist Torah Bright.

Article Written By Joe Fletcher

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