The Types of Bindings for Cross Country Skis

The Types of Bindings for Cross Country Skis
Manufacturers produce several types of cross-country ski bindings, which can be a bit confusing for beginning skiers. There are three main binding types for regular cross-country skis, all of which require specific boots.

New Nordic Norm

New Nordic Norm (NNN) was developed by Rottefella Company in 1985 and redesigned in 1990. The design consists of a horizontal rod mounted just underneath the tip of the boot toe and two ridges running parallel down the binding plate. Modern NNN boots (NNN II) are not compatible with the earlier NNN I design bindings or the Salomon systems.


Salomon Nordic System

Salomon Nordic System (SNS) is similar in function to the NNN binding system, but the toe rod from which the boot pivots is in front of the toes instead of just beneath them. The binding plate is composed of one wide ridge instead of two parallel ridges. This design makes the binding less prone to icing up, but it is slightly less stable when torsion is applied. Fischer also makes SNS-compatible boots.

Salomon Nordic System Pilot

Salomon Nordic System Pilot (SNS-P) bindings are better suited for skating-specific ski setups. Two horizontal toe pins keep the boots and bindings closer together and allow for a more powerful kick and glide motion.

All three binding systems provide a bit more freedom than three-pin bindings because they pivot from the horizontal pins at the tip of the boot rather than bending midway along the sole. They are also all very easy to get in and out of with their step-in and click-out release buttons at the front of the boots.


Article Written By Naomi Judd

Naomi M. Judd is a naturalist, artist and writer. Her work has been published in various literary journals, newspapers and websites. Judd holds a self-designed Bachelor of Arts in adventure writing from Plymouth State University and is earning a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine.

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