Interesting Places in Norway

Interesting Places in Norway
Norway is an ideal destination for tourists looking for outdoor excitement. Whether it's hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing or extreme sports, visitors will find an array of activities to match their interests. From north to south, Norway offers many interesting places where tourists can find adventure.

Climbing the Kjerag

Located on the Lysefjorden in southwestern Norway, Kjerag Mountain challenges travelers to a 3,228-foot, five-hour climb up to its famous northern drop. The views of the fjord are spectacular, but the routes up the mountain's steep faces can be quite difficult. BASE jumping from the mountain's famous Kjeragbolten (Kjerag boulder) has made Kjerag a popular destination for extreme sports. However, there have been nine fatal accidents there due to BASE jumping. Experience is extremely important if attempting a jump.

Hiking Bergen's Seven Mountains

Bergen in western Norway is the country's second largest city. Seven mountains surround it, offering travelers different hiking destinations. Mount Ulriken is the largest mountain and is famous for its steep climbs. For less active travelers, there are shuttle buses and cable cars that can take passengers up the mountain. Mount Floyen is famous for its spectacular views of the city and has many hiking paths through woodland terrain. Lyderhorn Mountain is a popular choice among travelers interested in Norse legends. The mountain was thought to be a popular gathering place for witches.

Witness the Northern Lights

The exquisite aurora borealis, or northern lights, can be seen above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway in places such as the Lofoten Islands or the city of Tromsø. Travelers can rent snowmobiles or take a guided snowmobile safari. Those looking for an alternative experience can take a dog sledding tour to witness the northern lights in more natural surroundings.

Visit the Norwegian Glaciers

Austfonna, the largest glacier in Europe, is located on Norway's Svalbard Islands. Skiing, dog sledding and kayaking are popular choices for travelers visiting the island's frozen terrain. Visitors can also hike across the ever-changing glaciers that cover the islands. Lucky visitors may spot a polar bear or two, and many will encounter the massive walruses that call the islands home.

Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier in continental Europe and is located in Jostedalen Glacier National Park in southwestern Norway. Kayaking, backpacking and glacier hiking are popular tourist activities.

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