Zip Line Activities in Jamaica

Zip Line Activities in Jamaica
Zooming though the canopy of a lush Jamaican jungle while moving up to 35mph may sound like something only a bird could achieve. It's possible for tourists to experience such exhilaration while "flying" on a zip line. The island is home to a rich tropical landscape, full of hills, valleys and rivers. For the ultimate outdoor adventure consider a Jamaican zip line tour for a thrill-of-a-lifetime experience.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures

Chukka Caribbean Adventures offers four different zip line tours; two in the Montego Bay area and two in the Ochos Rios area. Tours range from 30 minutes to three hours in length. For those who may not be too sure about zip lining, consider the 30-minute tour at the Ochos Rios White River Valley. The more adventurous may wish to try the Montego Bay/Negril tour where you'll transverse across the jungle, a river and even a 150-year-old dam. All tours begin with a demonstration and safety briefing and are lead by certified guides.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures
Freeport Shopping Centre
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica Cruise Excursions

For five hours you won't soon forget, consider taking a zip line tour through Jamaica Cruise Excursions. Ideal for those visiting the area by cruise ship, the company will meet you directly at your Ochos Rios Port. Resort pick-ups are also offered. Start the tour with a scenic drive into the hills where you'll be shown the property on which the zip-lining takes place. A safety session and introduction then take place and you're ready to soar 1110 feet across a valley. After the zip line portion of the tour, you'll have the chance to ride on ATVs to get a close-up view of the surrounding landscape.

Jamaica Cruise Excursions
C/O Montego Bay/Ocho Rios Division
P.O. Box 2183GT
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours

Each tour with Jamaica Zipline Adventure starts with an off-road ride in a six-wheel military troop transport vehicle, where you'll be given an eco-tour. You'll get the chance to sample freshly picked coconut, sugar cane and pinapples while hearing about natural remedies and health benefits from the guides. From there, it's on to the longest zip line found in the Caribbean. Conducted on Lethe Estates on the Great River and home to a private farming community, you'll speed through the trees at 40 miles per hour. To commemorate the experience, consider hiring one of the company photographers, from which you'll receive a photo CD at the tour conclusion.

Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours
Lethe Estates
Hanover, Jamaica


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