Fishing in Montana Creek, Alaska

Fishing in Montana Creek, Alaska
Montana Creek is a body of water and an airport in Willow, Alaska, in the southern part of the state near the Gulf of Alaska. It is about a two-hour drive from Anchorage. There are fishing opportunities in the area, and you can find guide services to help if you are unsure of the area or brought no equipment with you. Popular destinations in the area include Denali State Park and Willow Creek State Recreation Area.

Chulitna River

The Chulitna River is difficult to fish in places due to the glacier runoff creating cloudy waters. The east fork of the river is clearer due to other streams contributing to it. Some areas are easily accessed from the road and overpasses, while the section that meets the middle fork of the river requires a hike. You will find salmon and rainbow trout in these waters.

Talkeetna River

The Talkeetna River is a tributary to Big Susitna River, which has the second-largest fish migration in the world. As a result, the Talkeetna has an abundance of all five salmon species as well as rainbows and graylings. The summer months offer the biggest runs, starting with the king salmon, and others make their way up stream as the days get even warmer.

Denali State Park Streams and Lakes

Although the Chulitna River is the predominant water source through the Denali State Park, there are other smaller streams that run through, as well as a few small lakes like Byers and Lucy. The streams are full of various salmon, trout, dolly varden and grayling, while the lakes also provide the opportunity to fish for lake trout and whitefish.

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