Fishing in Icy Strait, Alaska

Fishing in Icy Strait, Alaska
The Icy Strait of Alaska is a strait, or waterway, that divides Chichagof Island from the mainland. It is in the southeastern part of the state near the Gulf of Alaska. There are fishing opportunities in the area, but to take advantage of them, you will need to travel by plane or boat. There are no roads that lead out of the area. Once there, unless you came by boat, the main way to get to the fish is by using a local charter service.

Dream Fish Charters

Dream Fish Charters helps you fish the Icy Strait where you are likely to catch a variety of salmon species such as coho, king, pink and chum, as well as halibut, Pacific cod and rockfish. For those worried about the motion of the boat, you don't have to stress. The water in the strait and surrounding bay areas is fairly calm, providing you with a smooth trip.

Dream Fish Charters
402 Garteeni Highway
Hoonah, AK 99828

Whisper Marine

Whisper Marine offers fishing trips to various rivers and streams near the Icy Strait, including Mud River and Chicken Creek. Salmon is the most abundant fish in the waters, and equipment is provided for the trip. There are also access points from the road or trails if you prefer to go without a guide. In this case, the company can provide you with rental equipment, if necessary.

Whisper Marine
8 Chum Drive
Gustavus, AK 99826

Alaska Salmon Guaranteed Charters

Alaska Salmon Guaranteed Charters offers trips out of Auke Bay. Trips are broken down into four, six or eight hours. Waters that are fished include the bay, Icy Strait and surrounding waters. Salmon are guaranteed July through September when their runs are plentiful. Other possible fish include halibut. Equipment as well as food and fishing license are provided. Your catch is cleaned before you leave.

Alaska Salmon Guaranteed Charters
4510 Prospect Way
Juneau, AK 99801

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