Children's Activities in Alexandria, VA

Children's Activities in Alexandria, VA
Alexandria, Va., is a beautiful area near Washington, D.C. Children looking for activities have multiple choices, including hiking, skating and even gardening. Indoors or outdoors, children can practice their skills and learn about the world through activities directly planned for their specific age groups. Enjoy activities for families, for groups and even for school classes.

Gardening Activity

Take a trip over to the Children's Garden at River Farm to hike through beautiful gardens or even do some gardening yourself. River Farm specializes in its activities for children and youth as they garden, explore, learn and play and even dance in gardens designed for their age group. Activities offered at River Farm include a River Farm Ramble, which is a guided slow walk around the grounds where kids can explore the nature in detail; Garden in a Glove, an activity where kids learn about the way seeds become flowers; a Habitat Exploration activity in which children visit meadow and pond environments to learn what makes a good habitat for plants; and Dirt Alert, where kids get their hands dirty learning about the importance of soil and growth.

River Farm
7931 E. Boulevard Drive
Alexandria, VA 22308

Wildlife Activity

Huntley Meadows Park offers 1,424 acres of walking trails that wend through freshwater wetlands and meadows. Keep your eyes open for frogs, turtles, beavers, deer, snakes and spiders resting and working busily in their natural habitats. Located close to Arlington, the park offers a respite where children can commune with nature while birdwatching and hiking. Children can also attend the nature programs where they can listen to tales and learn about the park plants, trees and wildlife.

Huntley Meadows Park
3701 Lockheed Blvd.
Alexandria, VA 22306-2060

Ice Skating Activity

Take a break from school and enjoy the invigorating activity of ice skating. Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy skating in the winter now have the opportunity to skate even in the summer since the ice skating rink is open year-round. Learn techniques from other skaters. If you go on the right day, you might have the opportunity to skate right next to an Olympian. The rink includes skate rental, skate sharpening, locker rooms and a warming room. Open for kids and families of all skating levels, the ice skating rink has special sessions for skaters that include Stick & Puck and Pick-up Hockey.

Mount Vernon Recreation Center Ice Rink
2017 Belle View Blvd.
Alexandria, VA 22307

Article Written By Antonette Ellertson

Antonette Ellertson, a freelance writer from Western New York, has a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education. She has worked as a freelance writer for more than a decade, specializing in media. She is a contributor to numerous magazines including "Maitland Primrose," "Highlights for Children" and "The Writer" and is managing editor for a large, non-profit organization.

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