Types of Ski Boot Bags

Types of Ski Boot Bags
When going to a big resort, having a bag to carry your boots to the locker room is a relief, and saves you the trouble of navigating treacherous snow and ice in the parking lot in stiff ski boots. Boot bags run the gamut from simple duffles to backpacks and roller bags, and run in price from $40 to $100.

Boot Locker

The Dakine Boot Locker features a dual compartment design. The bottom compartment holds even the burliest big mountain boots, while the separate top compartment holds accessories and is big enough to hold extra clothing.

A nice feature is the way the bottom of the bag, which is covered in a tarp, swivels out so that you can change into your ski boots while you stand outside your car if you don't want to pay for a locker at the resort. Drains are built into the bottom of the bag for storing your boots with snow on them. The Boot Locker is big enough to hold two or three pairs of boots, or one pair of boots and all gear.

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The Atomic Special Race has a large central compartment lined with a tarp to hold boots and a helmet, and has three large side compartments to hold accessories like gloves, hat and long underwear. The backpack straps are easy to adjust and carry the load comfortably; padding on the back panel ensures the boots won't dig into your back.

Atomic Ski
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Rolling Duffel Bag

The Marker Ltd. 21 is a rolling duffel bag with a separate boot compartment and separate compartment for wet clothes. The bag measures 21-by-11-by-11 inches, so it fits carry-on luggage requirements. Handles on top of the bag are aligned with the buckle cinch straps, so you can compress the bag if it's not full and carry it by hand instead of rolling it. A trap door opening makes it easy to access the main compartment.

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