Meal Ideas for Hiking

Meal Ideas for HikingMany hikers and campers aren't sure what to eat on the trails. They know they can't carry around a gourmet meal, but also don't want to take a trip to the Army Supply store to stock up on MREs for the trek. Dried food is one of the best ways to go when hiking because the food lasts longer and is lighter to carry. Dried fruit and jerky are some of the top snacks a hiker can carry around. Some of the meals require cooking, and you will need to pick up an aluminum, stainless steel or titanium pot set. Please always remember to clean up your trash when you are done eating.


Granola Cereal

A hiker never wants to have a huge breakfast because he needs to be ready to move. Granola is always a good choice for a morning meal. Take 4 to 6 oz. of granola with dried milk powder and add water. You can even add some dried fruit and slow cook it over a fire (be sure to stir often). Other options include your favorite breakfast bars and dried breakfast cereal. Companies such as Packit Gourmet offer a variety of breakfast meals including Tacos and Jump-Start fruit smoothies. Both are inexpensive, healthy and filling.


Cheese and crackers

Many of the experts and hikers debate whether or not to eat a lunch or just snack through most of the day. Depending on the hike and how you feel, you can do either. Some smaller meals include peanut butter and jelly, or just peanut butter on bread, fruit, crackers and cheese and oat-based grain bars.


Rice and beans

With a dinner meal, you want to eat well and eat healthy. Prepackaged dinner meals, similar to those you would find at home, except dried and ready to be cooked anytime, are available from companies such as Packit Gourmet. These meals range from an All-American Burger Wrap to a Chicken Salad to Tuscan Beef Stew and more. Packages come in sizes of one or two servings and allow you to add more ingredients such as tomatoes, cheese and onions.

The many possibilities for creating your own dinners include pasta or rice, dried fruits and vegetables, chicken or some other type of meat and spices if you wish. Take the foods that you really enjoy and do some research to see what type of meals you can come up; dishes that cook in one pot are preferable to minimize both pack weight and clean-up chores.


Fruit, seed and nut mix

Snacks are one of the best things to eat on a hike because you can eat as you walk. When deciding on snacks, pick out those that are not only healthy but also provide you with energy. Some of these snacks include jerky, energy bars that have a high protein count, granola bars and the many varieties of trail mix.

Article Written By Greg Pretak

Based in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut, Greg Pretak has been writing travel- and hiking-related articles since 2008. He holds a Bachelors of Science in communications and marketing from New Haven, Conn.

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