What Apparel Do I Need to Go Skiing?

What Apparel Do I Need to Go Skiing?
Proper skiing apparel will keep you comfortable, warm and healthy even in the worst of weather conditions. You should always dress in layers for skiing so that you can adjust your body temperature throughout the day as weather conditions change.

Base Layer

Wear sweat-wicking long underwear closest to your skin. Bottoms should be full length, and it's a good idea to invest in a top with a neck zipper for temperature control. Hot Chilly's and Smartwool are two great brands.



Add a layer of insulation to your upper body for cold days. Fleece is a good option because it's light and quick drying. Don't wear cotton.


You need a sturdy, waterproof jacket and pants to go skiing. Your shell layer will protect from the weather and also hold up to tough falls. Look for pants with ventilation zippers down the sides and tops with waterproof zippers, powder skirts and accessible pockets. The North Face, Helly Hanson and Burton make great outer wear.

Head, Hands and Toes

You need to wear gloves when you're skiing. Buy a pair with liners so that on cold days your hands have extra protection and on warm days you can just wear the liners. Keep your head warm with a lined helmet with ear flaps. Giro is the industry standard with lots of great models to choose from. On your feet, stick to thin sweat-wicking ski socks from Smartwool.


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