Places to Kayak in Massachusetts

Places to Kayak in Massachusetts
Massachusetts is known for its rich historical heritage. However, when you are not on the Freedom Trail in Boston or visiting the Paul Revere Capture Site in Minuteman National Park, there are many places in the state where you can kayak. Local bays, harbors and even rivers near Boston are popular locations for paddlers in the New England area.

Boston Harbor Islands

The Boston Harbor Islands are located approximately 6 miles from Boston Harbor. The harbor islands have a ferry service and also offer several campsites near beaches on the islands. In addition to several sea kayaking tours, several islands have boat launches where you can launch your kayak and enjoy views of lighthouses or Boston Harbor.

Duxbury Bay

Duxbury Bay is a great location for beginner and advanced paddlers in Massachusetts. The bay is a protected bay with tidal streams and is located right in the city of Duxbury. Powder Point Bridge and Howland's Landing are two areas where you can launch your kayak into the bay.

Plymouth Harbor

Plymouth Harbor is a protected ocean harbor located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Paddlers can view the local tourist attractions such as Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower, each of which is accessible by kayak. Beginner paddlers can stay close to the shoreline. More advanced paddlers can venture out deeper and kayak with the boat traffic of the local area. Nelson Beach and Stephens Field are two convenient launch points for kayaks into the harbor.

Charles River

The Charles River, which separates Boston and Cambridge, is a popular place to kayak in the Boston area. Paddlers can enjoy scenic views of the Boston skyline or the MIT dome. In addition to the community and university sailboats on the Charles River, local duck tour boats also ferry tourists along the river. Paddlers can launch their kayaks on the Boston or Cambridge side of the river.

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