Baxter State Park Campgrounds

Baxter State Park Campgrounds
Located in the middle of Maine, Baxter State Park has more than 200,000 acres of wilderness, trails, and mountains that include Katahdin, the highest point on the Appalachian Trail. You'll find more than 180 miles of trails here, popular with hikers, mountain climbers and nature lovers. Baxter State Park has 10 different campgrounds, eight of which are drive-in and two for hikers only. If you want to get even closer to nature, there are plenty of sites in the park's backcountry where you can make camp for a night. Most of the campgrounds are open mid-May through mid-October, and they are all operated by the state park. To get more information or make reservations for any of the campgrounds, contact the main office.

Baxter State Park
64 Balsam Drive, Millinocket, ME 04462

Roaring Brook

Roaring Brook has 10 sites for tents, nine primitive lean-tos, three group sites and a bunkhouse that sleeps eight to 10 people. There are vault outhouses at the location, but no showers. You'll find fishing in the summer and skiing in the winter nearby.


Daicy Pond Campground

There are 10 primitive cabins at the Daicy Pond Campground, and they include beds, a stove for heat and gas lights. You should bring your own bedding and cooking supplies. All of the cabins also have picnic tables and outdoor fireplaces, and you can rent canoes from the campground to explore the pond.

South Branch Pond Campground

South Branch Pond Campground is situated in the northern part of the park, and it offers 12 lean-tos, 21 tent sites and a bunkhouse that sleeps up to eight people. You can rent canoes at the campground, and while it doesn't have shower, there are outhouses.

Abol Campground

Abol Campground has nine tent sites and 12 lean-tos. There are no showers here, but the campground does have several outhouses. Abol Campground is on the south side of the state park.

Katahdin Stream Campground

Katahdin Stream Campground has nine tent sites, 12 lean-tos, and three sites for groups, one of which can accommodate up to 25 people. Most of the tent and lean-to sites are located along the babbling stream.

Nesowadnehunk Field Campground

On the west side of the park is Nesowadnehunk Field Campground. It has 11 lean-tos, 12 sites for tents, and three group sites that accommodate 16 people each. There is also a primitive bunkhouse available that sleeps four people.

Kidney Pond Campground

Located in the southwest corner of the park, Kidney Pond Campground offers 12 wilderness-style cabins with beds, gas lights, and a stove for heat, but you should bring your own bedding and cooking utensils. There are communal fire pits outside of the cabins for cooking. Outhouses are located nearby, but there are no showers.

Trout Brook Farm

In the northeast corner of the park is Trout Brook Farm, where there are 14 tent sites, one lean-to, and four group sites. You'll also find many outlying sites near this campground, most of which have a single lean-to or tent site. Ask the Trout Brook Farm staff for details in directions.


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