Wild Water Kingdoms Slides & Attractions

Wild Water Kingdoms Slides & Attractions
Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom is located in Aurora, Ohio; it was first developed in 1888 as a recreational area and was acquired by the Cedar Fair entertainment company in 2004. The park serves a market area of approximately 17 million people. Devoted to water sport and play, it has a variety of slides, pools, and water entertainment for almost every age. The park also serves American-style food (dogs, hamburgers, etc), so that you can stay energized for your day in the water.

Coral Cove

Coral Cove can be enjoyed by any age, but is a great spot for youngsters, as it is essentially a wet playground. There is a pool with basketball hoops on the perimeter for a game played in the water. There are water sprays and a big stationary floating turtle and snake for climbing purposes. A second floor area has geysers around which kids enjoy running. Sit in the whirlpool to enjoy the feeling of jet-propelled swirling water.

Liquid Lightning

A unique water slide, Liquid Lightning allows up to four people to ride the rapids in one inner tube. The ride starts by careening down a tube lubricated with water, until you get to a 60-foot-tall 253-foot-long funnel that you enter for a high, wild spin in its interior. Your tube comes out to a massive soaking towards the end of the ride!

Rip Tide Run

If you need a slower, even scenic, water experience, head over to the Rip Tide Run. It's just you and an inner tube floating along a 1,100 foot river, swaying gently to the ebb and flow of the water. To add a bit of fun, there are waterfalls throughout and two tipping buckets under which you can navigate; however, you also have the option to steer clear of them.

Other Attractions

Splash Landing is an area of the park with four stories of water slides, soaking "gadgets," geysers and water cannons. A raining umbrella and other spraying mechanisms make this water house double as a giant sprinkler.

Thunder Falls is the main water slide attraction of Wildwater Kingdom; it encompasses several water slides in one outdoor structure. This is Ohio's tallest water slide unit, and includes body slides and inner tube slides. You can even go parallel with a friend on another slide and race. Speeds can get up to 20 mph.

A water park wouldn't be complete without a large tidal pool. In Wildwater Kingdom, it's called Tidal Wave Bay. Bigger than a football field the pool holds 390,000 gallons of water. Let the waves lift you up in an inner tube, or swim through them on your own.

Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kindom
1100 Squires Rd.
Aurora, OH 44202

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