Activities in Cozumel, Mexico

Activities in Cozumel, Mexico
Cozumel is an island off the coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. A popular dive resort and a frequent stop for cruise ships, Cozumel measures 30 miles long from north to south and 10 miles wide from east to west. On either side of the island, beaches form a long, white sandy coast. The western side of the island has calm, blue Caribbean waters, while the eastern side has more waves. Cozumel has many of activities, including hiking the jungles in search of wildlife and archaeological ruins and snorkeling.

Swim With Dolphins

Swim with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery. Several different programs will allow you to interact with dolphins and learn about these amazing creatures. Guests can pet and feed the dolphins and learn signals for dolphin behaviors. Guests can swim with the dolphins and even take a high-speed dolphin ride. Dolphin Discovery also offers manatee and sea lion encounters.

Dolphin Discovery
Chankanaab National Park
Cozumel, Mexico
866-393-5158 (from USA)

Mexican Sweat Baths

Visit a "Temazcal" or sweat bath. The ancient Mayans used sweat bath rituals for therapeutic and medical practices. A shaman will lead you through the ancient Mayan cleansing ritual, explaining the meaning of all the steps. After the hour-long ritual, you can cool off in a nearby freshwater cenote---a limestone pool.

Mexican Sweat Bath

XRail Buggy Tour

Drive a two seater all-terrain buggy through the jungles of Cozumel to Jade Cavern. Once at Jade Cavern, swim in cenote caves and explore the botanical garden in an automatic-transmission buggy. The ride to the caverns lasts about 45 minutes each way. Tours are for ages 16 and up.

Wild Tours
10 Av. Bis #915
Corpus Chrysti, Cozumel

Snorkel Stingray Beach

Swim with stingrays and feed them at Stingray Beach, where you can touch and learn about these gentle creatures. Afterward, snorkel or scuba dive off reefs where thousands of tropical fish and stingrays gather.

Stingray Beach
KM 2.807 Carretara Costera Sur

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