Kayak Storage Tips

Kayak Storage Tips
Kayaking is a great form of exercise. However, when you are not kayaking, thinking and planning about how and where you will store your kayak is an important issue to consider. The way that you store your kayak can improve the performance and lifetime of your kayak.


Clean out your kayak before moving it to short- and long-term storage. Remove any extra sand, dirt or grime that is left over from your trip. Dump out any excess water from your kayak so that you are not storing you kayak in water for several months. Often, it is most convenient to clean your kayak just as you are removing it from the water.

Avoid Sunlight

Choose a place to store your kayak that is not in direct sunlight. Sunlight can degrade the surface of the kayak. Make sure you at least place a cover over your kayak if you are not able to move it indoors out of direct sunlight. In addition, do not store your kayak in an area that will exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. High heat can also damage the exterior of your kayak.

Structural Stress

When you are positioning your kayak for long-term storage off the water, consider the stress each position places on the kayak. Place your kayak in a position that minimizes the structural stress. Do not use drainage holes to hang your kayak. Hanging a kayak by drainage holes will apply stress to the kayak in awkward places, ultimately distorting the kayak's shape. Typically, standing the kayak upright is the best option for kayak storage. Placing the kayak on its side is another option that works.


If you are storing a kayak in a public area, consider using lockable cables on your kayak to help prevent and deter theft. Some indoor storage facilities also offer additional security as well.

Article Written By Stephanie D

Stephanie D has been writing and exploring the outdoors for as long as she can remember. She has spent time climbing across the United States and backpacking out west. Stephanie D earned her Bachelor of Science in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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