Sport Fishing in Sitka, Alaska

Sport Fishing in Sitka, Alaska
Located in southeast Alaska, Sitka offers opportunities for sport fishing. The area is popular as a scenic destination with mountains and abundant wildlife. It is a coastal town and numerous charter fishing companies are available for guided salmon and halibut fishing tours. Sport fishing is available year-round in Sitka but the temperate summer months are the most popular with visiting anglers.


Sitka has a thriving salmon fishery and the months of May, June and July offer anglers the opportunity to catch trophy-size king and silver salmon. King salmon over 30 pounds are commonly caught in Sitka with the largest sport-fishing king salmon weighing just under 100 pounds. Limits on salmon vary by year and anglers should check the regulations before fishing, but in normal years the limit for king salmon is one fish per day and three per year while six silver salmon can be kept each day without an annual limit.



The large halibut in Sitka are a major attraction for sport fishermen. Sport fishermen commonly catch halibut between 50 and 150 pounds, but fish up to 300 pounds are caught every year. The cold ocean waters and the large halibut provide anglers with sport and valuable meat. The regulations for halibut fishing are subject to change each year and anglers should check the current laws, but in normal years, one halibut can be kept each day without an annual limit.

Other Species

Although salmon and halibut are the focus of Sitka sport fishing, lingcod and rockfish are often targeted for the tasty meat. These bottom-dwelling fish are sluggish fighters when compared to the salmon and halibut but can provide extra action when the fishing is slow or the limits have been filled.

Guides and Charters

The best way to have a successful sport fishing trip in Sitka is by fishing with a guide. Sitka is home to lodges and guides, and anglers have the opportunity to charter a trip with the experts. The local guides have an intimate knowledge of the fishery and can increase your chances of success while sport fishing in Sitka.



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