List of Fishing Equipment

List of Fishing Equipment
Fishing equipment goes far beyond reels, poles, line and tackle for the modern angler. If you are a serious fisherman, then you must consider purchasing other kinds of gear to allow you to pursue fish successfully. For example, you need a way to get through the ice to fish if ice fishing is your passion. Landing a fish will often require a net. In the event that you land a big fish, your fishing scale will take the guesswork out of how much it actually weighs.

Fish Scales

Two main types of fishing scales exist for anglers---the spring scale and the digital scale. On a spring scale, you hold the scale and hang the fish from its hook, causing a spring lever to pull down and indicate the fish's weight along a chart on the scale. A good rule of thumb is that the more costly spring scales will hold up better over time. Some are resistant to rust, which is a helpful quality to have for a piece of fishing equipment certain to have exposure to moisture. Although a spring scale cannot give you the weight of the fish to the exact ounce, it is handy and requires no batteries. Digital scales can give you a more accurate reading, and they work by the same concept of hanging the fish from a hook as you hold the scale. This type of scale comes in different types, with some able to weigh fish as heavy as 50 pounds and others designed to handle smaller species and weights. Many digital scales come with an automatic shut-off that saves drain on the battery when not in use.


Landing Nets

To secure fish that you bring to the shore or to the side of your boat, you may require the use of a landing net. Assorted landing nets exist to fit your needs, with the size of the species you target often a deciding factor as to which sort you use. For example, if you fish for potentially long fish like northern pike and muskellunge, you want a net with a hoop diameter larger than that on a net you would use to scoop up smaller fish such as trout. The fishing net has a handle and hoop comprised of materials such as aluminum or wood. The handle attaches to the hoop, which in most landing nets have the same shape as a teardrop. The mesh hanging from the hoop may be made of rubber or nylon, with some landing nets having coated nylon to reduce the abrasive action on the fish it catches. Mesh size varies and again depends on the species you fish for most. Some landing nets designed for large fish have 2-inch mesh, while others made to secure trout possess micromesh, according to Bass Pro Shops.

Ice Augers

For the ice fisherman, an important piece of equipment is her ice auger. The ice auger drills holes in the ice so you can access the fish. Three types of ice augers are available. The manual ice auger is most common. It is designed like a large drill and operated by hand. This type works well but requires some strength. Once the ice achieves over a foot in thickness, you will tire out drilling holes with this auger. The gas auger rapidly cuts through the thickest ice, with its blades powered by a two-stroke or even four-stroke gas engine. The gas auger, however, is bulkier and heavier than the manual style. Electric augers run by rechargeable batteries are quiet and produce no fumes, but can potentially run low on power during an outing as the batteries wear down from drilling holes. Ice augers possess sharp blades that require sharpening on occasion. The size of the hole you can drill varies from as small as 4.5 inches wide to as wide as 10 inches, depending on the size of the blades.


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