What Activities Are There in Nokomis, Florida?

What Activities Are There in Nokomis, Florida?
Nokomis offers abundant opportunities to commune with nature. Located in south Sarasota County, its anachronistic village and miles of white sandy beach present a fresh taste of Old Florida. Water sports, bird-watching, hiking, biking and shelling are among the many outdoor activities available to visitors and residents alike.

On the beach

Both Nokomis Beach and North Jetty Beach offer miles of sprawling, unspoiled shoreline ideal for hiking, bicycling and shelling. Located on Casey Key just two miles north of Venice, which is known as The Shark's Tooth Capital of the World, the area is an excellent place to find fossilized shark's teeth. Numerous picnic tables and sites make both beaches popular spots for family picnics. The fishing is great, even from the shore. Sunsets are so striking that locals celebrate them every Wednesday and Saturday at the Nokomis Beach Drum Circle, a gathering of spirited folks of all ages who drum, dance and revel as the sun slips into the gulf. You don't need to bring a drum to join in; a pot or paint can will do.

In and on the Water

Obviously, swimming and boating are prime pastimes in this slice of paradise. Lesser known by nonlocals is its favorable surfing conditions. The jetties at the tip of Casey Key make it one of the most desirable surfing beaches on the Gulf Coast. Rent a Jet ski, fishing boat or pontoon boat, or try your hand at water-skiing the Intracoastal Waterway, the gulf or bay. Your choice of water sports is virtually unlimited, and there are numerous water sports equipment rentals available in and near the area.

In Town

Stroll the small historic village or hop over the bridge to Casey Key, a town that time has left untouched. You'll see a historic marker commemorating its founders, Jessie and Rebecca Knight; they arrived in 1868 with 15 children and 300 cows in eight covered wagons, built a rough home, a thatched roof chapel and school building where the marker stands today. Nokomis is a fun place to discover by bicycle. No matter your method, you will pick up on the pleasant personality of this quaint beach community.

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