Trailer Camping Checklist

Trailer Camping Checklist
Trailer camping is ideal for comfort and convenience, but it is common for trailer campers to leave important items at home. A thorough trailer camping checklist will ensure that everything you need is on the trailer and available at the campsite. The checklist does not need to be long but should cover all the important items that will be used on your camping trip.


The kitchen area of your trailer should be stocked with pots, pans, silverware, coffeemaker, food storage and cleaning supplies. Check the stove and refrigerator before going camping to be sure all of the connections are available for propane or electric hookup. Also be sure you have extra propane if you will be running the refrigerator and using the stove through the duration of your trip. Stock the shelves and refrigerator with your favorite foods and store extra for emergency use. Also carry several gallons of water for basic hydration purposes and emergency use.


First Aid and Safety

Every camping trailer should have a first-aid kit, road emergency kit and fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place. In the first aid kit carry bandages, tape, aspirin, scissors, tweezers, gauze, hydrogen peroxide and any medications the campers require on a regular basis. The road emergency kit should have a disposable camera, notepad, pen, signal flares, wrench kit, flashlight, duct tape, spare hoses and an emergency signal device like a SPOT messenger system. Most of these items will not be used during your trip but have life-saving potential in an emergency.

Camping Equipment

Carry your normal bedding in the camping trailer but pack extra blankets for emergency use. Carry firewood if you plan on having a fire, and store several lighters and waterproof matches in the trailer. You should carry several folding chairs and a folding table if you plan on sitting outside the trailer. Use rope to lash the chairs and table to the trailer in windy conditions and have a lantern prepared for use in the evenings.

Recreational Equipment

Carry the items you plan on using while camping in your trailer. Backpacks, fishing equipment, hiking poles, water bottles, bicycles and clothing for your outdoor activities are all items that should not be overlooked. Consider the potential activities before leaving your home and pack accordingly.


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