RV Camping Packing List

RV Camping Packing List
In one respect, camping out of an RV is a double-edged sword. While an RV camper brings her own facilities with her and has plenty of cargo space, RVs also require a lot more gear and supplies to run properly. An RV camping packing list will have many of the same items familiar to a "tailgate" car camper, but also entirely new items and materials that no other camper would ever need.

Packing Materials

The first and most important category on your packing list should be packing materials. Taking your RV from place to place is, in some ways, similar to moving into a new home. Every drawer and cabinet in the RV needs to be fastened shut, and any contents therein that are breakable or prone to rattling need to be wrapped and padded. These chores require bungee cords, duct tape, twine, old newspapers, scrap cardboard and perhaps bubble wrap.

RV and Automotive Supplies

Next on the list are the spare materials that help make your RV work properly. As an RV is a motor vehicle, standard automotive kit items like radiator fluid, motor oil, windshield wiper fluid, and fix-a-flat tire compound are recommended. Also, there are the necessities that are specific to RV use, such as black water tank cleansing agent. Finally, all RVs need a set of lumber planks to put under wheels and help level RV parking sites, as well as stopping blocks for the tires.

Safety Gear

Like campers everywhere, RV campers need a first aid kit with bandages, disinfectants and basic medicines. Since nearly all RVs contain a kitchen, a fire extinguisher should also be on any packing list.


Combining elements of camping with car maintenance and home ownership, an RV needs tools drawn from all three kits. Camping tools include items like a hatchet for chopping firewood and a shovel for digging fire pits. However, unlike a tent camper, an RV camper often does not need to worry about weight and can bring full-size, regular tools. Second are car tools, such as jumper cables, tire pressure gauge and tire iron. Third are common household tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, a pair of pliers and a hammer.

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