Weekend Vacation Ideas

Weekend Vacation Ideas
Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life but haven't accrued enough vacation time for that well-deserved rest? Don't let the man get you down. Try a weekend getaway.

Go Camping

Reconnect with nature by heading out of town and into the woods. Camping is a quick and easy way to clear your head and begin to relax. Plus most campgrounds offer walk-in camping so you can head out of the office on a Friday evening and set up camp without the stress and confusion of making reservations at a fancy hotel.


Book yourself (and your significant other) into a cozy bed-and-breakfast inn for the weekend. This no-fuss style of vacation is perfect for a weekend because it gives you many of the amenities of a hotel without the pressure of the crowds. A bed-and-breakfast vacation lets you rest from your cares while pampering you with personal attention and, of course, a fabulous breakfast.

Hometown Holiday

Visit some of the sites of interest near your hometown. If you can't get away, try staying at home and turning your town into a tourist destination. Go to a museum, take a photo tour, visit a new restaurant or try a local sporting event, big foam finger and all.

Make it a Game

Turn your quick vacation into an adventure you'll remember for a lifetime. Turn off the GPS and try flipping a coin to see which way to turn. Or throw a dart at a state map and go wherever the dart lands. Adding an element of surprise into your trip can help kindle excitement, adventure and even a little romance.

Article Written By Hollie Reina

Based in St. George, Utah, Hollie Reina recently started her professional writing career writing outdoor-related articles for Trails.com. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Utah.

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