Exercises to Do for Beginning Snow Skiing

Exercises to Do for Beginning Snow Skiing
Conditioning is important for all skiers, but perhaps most important for new skiers. With proper conditioning, you'll be able to ski in comfort longer while using new sets of muscles, and you'll also be more resistant to injury. A conditioning program of simple exercises can make a big difference when the day comes to strap on the boards. Give yourself several weeks to begin conditioning, and devote three to four days a week to your exercises.

Push-ups with side planks

Do a push-up. While rising, shift your weight to the right side and extend your left arm up toward the ceiling, ending in a side plank. Hold the plank momentarily and bring your body back down into push-up position. Repeat, ending up in a side plank with the right arm up. Start with three sets of six planks (three to each side).

Squat with a front sweep

Stand straight up with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a medicine ball straight above your head. Squat low, keeping your knees behind your toes, and lower the ball to the floor during the squat. Push yourself straight up, sweeping the ball up to the starting position. Control the movement and move at a steady pace. Start with three sets of 10 squats.

Side-to-side lunge

Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width with your toes out slightly, holding a weighted exercise ball at the level of your chest. Lunge to the left, bending your left knee while keeping your left knee behind your toe. Keep your upper body straight while performing the move. Come back to center and repeat the move to the right. Move at a steady pace, keeping the body under control. Do three sets of five lunges to each side.

Standing squat jumps

Stand in front of a step or low bench. Squat down and jump onto the step, keeping the body low and trying to cushion the impact with your knees and lower body. Start slowly, concentrating on balance and good form, speeding up as you become more proficient. Begin with three sets of 10 jumps.

Back extensions

Lie on an exercise ball, with your face down, the ball under your hips, and your toes on the floor. Place your hands behind your head and lift your chest up, bringing your shoulders in line with the rest of your body. Hold for 1-2 seconds. Do three sets of 10-25 lifts.

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