Places to Launch a Kayak in Boston

Places to Launch a Kayak in Boston
In addition to its rich history, Boston also is an outdoor city. Large city parks, such as Boston Common or the Arnold Arboretum, are outdoor oases. During the summer and fall, Boston also has many great places to go kayaking, including Boston Harbor, local rivers and small ponds. Several launching spots are discussed below.


The Esplanade is a small park on the Boston side of the Charles River. Along the shore of the Charles River are several piers and floating docks where you can launch a kayak into the river and then work your way up and down it. A kayak trip on the Charles provides scenic views of Back Bay, Harvard University, MIT and several bridges.

Boston Harbor Islands

Many of the Boston Harbor Islands allow access for sea kayakers wanting to explore Boston Harbor and experience kayaking in the ocean. Georges Island, Spectacle Island, Thompson Island and Green Island are a few of the islands that offer boat and kayak access. The islands are about 6 miles off shore and offer amazing views of the Boston skyline. Kayaking between islands is another option.

Memorial Drive

Another popular kayak launch is located at approximately 750 Memorial Drive on the Cambridge side of the Charles River. Kayakers have many options for parking free in nearby store for up to 2 hours while they kayak up and down the scenic river. This quieter section of the Charles River is a good option for those wanting to avoid the duck boat tours and university teams that practice regularly on the water during kayaking season.

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